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Domenica Fossati is an electrifying performer and a sensitive collaborator. She is the front-woman behind the afrobeat ensemble Underground System, one of the only groups in the scene to feature a female lead singer. Trilingual and well-acquainted with Yoruba and Ewe ethnic tongues, her original lyrics and knowledge of traditional African dance grant her work anecdotal authenticity As a flutist, her spontaneous whistling rolls have found a home with modern composers, including Harvey Sollberger, Julia Wolfe, David Lang and Michael Gordon. Her musicianship carries a spontaneous, theatrical quality anchored by a loose groove. Influenced by a wide range of musical styles including jazz, rock, and hip hop, her work oscillates gracefully between art music and pop. An active member of the New York new music scene, Domenica has performed at some of the most prestigious contemporary and classical venues, among them Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, and John Zorn’s venue, The Stone.

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